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ha ha he doesnt know

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Q: Science can provide that people use to make decisions?
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How does science help society make decisions?

Scientists can provide data about the world

What is meant by the statement science can provide information that people use to make decisions?

Science helps people get a deeper understanding of a product or service. This knowledge then helps people decide whether it is a good idea to buy a product or not.

What is a social reason to learn science?

To make informed decisions.

What is the following best states the purpose of the news media?

to provide objective information that allows people to make good decisions.

How do you encourage children to make decisions for themselves?

They already make decisions for themselves;). You can provide them with opportunities to make decisions on their own. If they are a bit older, be their guide and provide them with advise, rather than do things for them that they can so themselves. Understand that if they are capable and have the resources to do something, they CAN do it. Just remember that if they do make bad decisions, you let them know the negative consequences.

How do you manage people effectively?

The best way to manage people is to empower them to make decisions. You also need to let them know what is expected of them, and provide them with the tools to do the job.

What decisions did the Supreme Court make?

The Supreme Court has made many decisions. Provide a case or subject and an answer can be given.

Science is impartial and does not make ethical or moral decisions true or false?

Science is a process of modeling reality and as such does not seek to interfere with it.

Does overconfidence make it harder for people to make decisions?


How do people make optimal decisions?

they think of it lol...well first they have an idea and they think hard about it and they make there decisions>.

What should the government make a decision about?

The people in the government are elected to make decisions for the citizens, so they make decisions about many issues.

Who gets paid to make decisions?

The type of people who get paid to make decisions are presidents, government leaders and judges. Someone else who gets paid to make decisions is a lawyer.