Sentence with partisan

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are many partisans in the world.

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Q: Sentence with partisan
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Use partisan in a Sentence?

The partisan was very supportive of the party.

Sentence for the word partisan?

We knew he was a partisan, regularly engaged in harassing the enemy

How do you use partisan in a sentence?

Because of your partisan views, you are not willing to look at other options

Can you give a sentence of partisan?

That mayoral candidate is a strong partisan of term limits. Partisan hometown fans can be hostile to those from out of town

What sentence can you make with the words partisan?

yes,You are a partison

Can you use partisan in a sentence about the Salem which craft trials?

Oh yes. The people were partisan to the Puritan church whose teaching says witches are bad and have to die.

Can you make a sentence using the word partisan?

The leader promised to consider the views of people from both parties. However, he sure seems to be engaging in partisan politics as usual.

To favor one side of an issue?

don't know

When was Partisan Records created?

Partisan Records was created in 2007.

When was The Partisan Leader created?

The Partisan Leader was created in 1836.

When was Partisan Review created?

Partisan Review was created in 1934.

When was Southern Partisan created?

Southern Partisan was created in 1979.