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Q: Set principles and rules for governing a community?
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Who makes th rules for your community?

The rules for the community are typically set by the community leaders or administrators. These rules are usually defined based on the values, goals, and principles of the community to ensure a positive and safe environment for all members.

A set of principles governing appropriate conduct is?


What is the Alfred Weber?

a set of principles governing the location of industry

What is a set of governmental rules governing a nation?


Define code of conduct?

ethical code can be defined as a system of principles and norms governing morality in a community with a view to be socially accepted/responsible.

What are the community values?

a set of principles or standards of behavior whereby a community as a whole deem important.

What is the name of the international set of rules for governing war?

You may be referring to the Hague Convention

Agreeing with the constitution?

Agreeing with the constitution is known as constitutional.

Which of these is the best description of ethic?

a set of guiding moral principles or rules of conduct

Which of these is the best description of ethics?

a set of guiding moral principles or rules of conduct

What does lessor?

A set of rules and/or principles which determine a system of society's do's and don'ts , the institutions that legislate and enforce such rules :)

Enforceable rules of conduct in a society?

An enforceable set of rules established by a governing body to regulate the conduct of individuals and groups in a society is called