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He certainly had a moral claim - he won more votes than George Bush, but the electoral college system meant that Bush won. But ultimately history is what it is, and "could have", "should have" and "would have" are just different ways of saying "didn't".

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We would have no economy, been invaded by foreign nations.... wait. The current administration is going to be very similar. Watch and see.

First 100 days has given us each thousands in new debt. We have embarrassed ourselves by apologizing like fools to the world and our enemies.

We have given companies over a trillion total dollars for their use. Lied to our soldiers about punishment for following orders.

At the current rate, we should be able to compare ourselves as equals to Ethiopia in another 200 days!

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The economy would probably be better and we wouldn't have 2 wars currently going on.

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Q: Should Al Gore have been president?
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