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Q: Should a portion of your nation or a state that wishes to remove itself from the US be allowed to?
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Should Japan be allowed to use Nuclear power due to the recent events?

Japan is a sovereign nation, so decides for itself

Who allowed the United states to become a major world power and increased industrialization?

Any country should be. It is the main world power, however, increased industrialization is global, notably in China. Who allowed ? The nation itself.

The stateless nation of Kurdistan includes the southeastern portion of?

The stateless nation of Kurdistan includes the southeastern portion of Turkey.

What is Japanese cuisine?

Japanese cuisine is varied, but a large portion is influenced by the ocean, as it itself is an island nation. However, there are some exceptions that had outside influences (e.g. ramen and curry).

What nation is the Netherlands in?

The Netherlands is itself a nation.

How the united states become an independent nation?

Woodrow Wilson came up with the idea of 'isolationism' - where usa isolates itself from other countries to look after itself. this allowed the economy too boom. hope this helps

What portion of the host nation must not be jeopardized by the unites states and allied forces?

Host nation infrastructure

Franklin helped to form the nation's?

Benjamin Franklin helped to form the nation itself. He is one of the Founding Fathers.

What portion of the Host Nation not be jeopardized by the US and Allied forces?

bilateral agreements

What portion of UNCLOS does the U.S. observe?

Coastal nation and navigation/overflight rights

What is it called when a nation keeps to itself?


France is in what nation?

France is a nation unto itself. It belongs to the European Union, financially.