Should women work

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Any person feels better if they know they are contributing to society. Remember however that looking after a family is just such a contribution.

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Q: Should women work
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Why women should not work?

why wouldnt women work...we're very powerful people. soo they should work

Shoud women go out to work?

women should go to work because it whould be hard if there is no men in your family.

Do you Women should work as men do?

yes, ofcourse they should, because now a days women are equal to men

Should a women work?

Everyone needs to work - at something - and should. It is how, individually, we earn our living. Women who "don't work" in the generally recognised 'workforce' tend to work in the home, but this is often overlooked as it is unpaid labour.

How did most Americans view war work for women?

Most Americans do not think that women should be in wars. If they are in wars, they should work in the background only and not involved in the fighting.

What if I am scared of women?

You should start off by talking to ugly women, then work your way up from there.

Did Confucius believe woman should work?

Conucius did not believe women should work. he said that the men were head of the family, while the women should stay at home and take care of the kids,

Should men and women have equel roles in life?

Of course! Men and women are equal except for the fact that women are always stereotyped against because some people believe that women should just be housewives and should n't work.

Why women should be in war?

Because somebody had to work in factories and farms

Should women work out on their menstrual?

There's nothing to say that women 'should' work out during menstruation, but no reason at all why they shouldn't either. Do whatever you want on your period, it doesn't stop you doing anything.

Why do women need to respect a man?

it should work both ways equally.

Is it fare for a women to do all the housework and the man does nothing?

no it's not fare a guy should do as much of the house work as a women does.