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Q: Should you underline US Constitution
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Should you underline or put quotation on title of a story?

If your doing it in neat then deffo underline it!! x

Do you underline a book in an essay?

In my English class our teacher tells us to underline titles of book, names in movies

When writing a bibliography in APA style do you underline a book title?

No, in APA style, you should not underline the book title in the bibliography. Instead, you should italicize the title of the book.

Should you underline the name of a singing group?


Why other countries will not adopt the US Constitution?

No other country will ever, nor should ever, adopt the US Constitution.

The constitution replaced the articles of what?

The constitution replaced the articles of confederation. The us constitution is what Americans should always live by.

In a paper do you underline the name of a movie?

Yes, you should always underline the name of something, except the names of people.

How do you do underline text on laptop?

To underline text on a laptop, you can typically use keyboard shortcuts. Highlight the text you want to underline, then press "Ctrl + U" on Windows or "Command + U" on Mac. This should apply an underline to the selected text.

Should you underline punctuation marks?

No, punctuation marks should not be underlined. The general rule is to only underline words or phrases for emphasis, while punctuation is left as is.

3 According to article VI of the US Constitution what would happen should there be a conflict between the US Constitution and the state constitution?

The U.S. Constitution trumps any conflicts with state constitutions.

Where to put underline in a long e word?

You should underline the area where the long e sound is in the word. So, for instance, in the word compete, the underline should be under the e in "pete." In the word leaf, the underline should be under the "ea" in the middle of the word. The underline is added simply to emphasize where the long e sound is made within the word.

What is the horizontal line that is underneath the text?

An underline!An underline!An underline!An underline!