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reconstructing American society

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Q: Social gospel movement believed that organized religion must place greater emphasis on?
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The followers of the social gospel movement believed that organized religion must place a greater emphasis on?

reconstructing America society

The followers of the social gospel movement believed that organized religion must place greater emphasis on?

Reconstructing American society.

Which kind of religion did blackfeet have?

the Blackfeet like other Native tribes only believed in the sun, moon, and the stars and like the great Manitou in the sky, they did not have organized religion, they believed in the Spirit of the human being.

Did tupac worship god?

Tupac didn't follow organized religion or believe in afterlives but did show that he believed in a God.

Was there an organized religion for the Romans?

The Romans themselves did not generate an organized religion, with perhaps the very loose exception of offering sacrifices for the good of the state and emperor. They were polytheists, which means that they believed in many gods. However, they didhave organized religions which were imported from their territories. The worship of Isis, Cybele and Mithra were three of them.

What was the main reason martin luthern king ws remembered?

martin Luther king was remembered because of the things that he believed in and the changes that he made. he stood for what he believed is right and didn't care what people said about him. he also organized a civil right movement called march on Washington which made a huge impact on our history.

What year was the State Shinto religion organized?

it was organized in 1868

Is Christianity an organized religion?

Yes, it is.

How is Sikhism organized?

It is not an organised religion

Which religion had the least emphasis on the afterlife?


Does Sarah Michelle gellar believe in God?

Yes,but she said she does not belong to an organized religion.

Religion can affect people in many different ways List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and give examples from past andor present world events that illustrate your exa?

1. Organized religion has been used to fuel holy wars all throughout history. 2. Organized religion has sponsored faith based initiatives such as the Spanish inquiry where thousands of people were raped, tortured, robbed, and killed. 3. Organized religion helped to end slavery!!!!! That is right, abolitionist were religious and believed that all men were created equally. 4. Organized religion helped in the struggle for civil rights. Again, it was white christians and Jews who joined with African Americans in the south. They were the members who marched on Washington. 5. IF you want to dismiss religion because of its faults, then you need to also mention and consider its successes.