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a Bill of Rights be added.

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Q: Some states had supported the Constitution on the condition that?
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What allowed the constitution to be eventually ratified?

After four months of secret debate and many compromises, the proposed Constitution was submitted to the states for approval. Although the vote was close in some states, the Constitution was eventually ratified and the new Federal government came into existence in 1789.

Why were some leaders unhappy with the constitution?

Well, about the time the constitution was first drafted, religion was a major part of society. Especially the Christian religion. Some leaders felt the constitution didn't incorporate enough or any of the principles of the Christian religion. In fact, the constitution clearly mentions the required separation of church and state. Another reason would be, some thought the constitution gave to much power to the states. It was feared that the states would not rely on the central government, and become independent.

How does the constitution determine which powers are to be held by the states?

The constitution separates the powers between the three branches. Some of the powers for the states include to pay debts of the state, collect taxes, to establish uniform rule, and regulate commerce.

Why did some states think that it was necessary to add a bill of rights to the constitution?

They did not feel the constitution promised them certain freedom: freedom of speech and freedom of the press and of religion etc..

What power are reserved to the states?

Some powers that are reserved to the states are to conduct elections, ratify US Constitution amendments and establish local governments. Other reserved powers are to issue licenses and provide public health and safety.

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What states supported slavery and what states opposet it?

Some states that supported slavery were Tennessee, North Carolina, and Delaware. Some of the states that opposed slavery were New york, Vermont, and Ohio.

Why did some states show a lack of support for the constitution?

Worried about the loss of power held by states when the constitution became law.

Why were some states hesitant in signing the Constitution?

Worried about the loss of power held by states when the constitution became law.

Why did some states show lack of support for the proposed constitution?

Worried about the loss of power held by states when the constitution became law.

Why might some states feel justified in refusing to obey the Alien and Sedition Act?

Some states believed in the doctrine of states rights in which they did not have to obey Federal Laws if they felt that it violated the constitution.

When was the federalist formed?

in 1887-88, they convinced some states to ratify the constitution.

What are two similarities between the United States constitution and the constitution of the confederate states of the America?

They both had a form of federal government, even though there was more "state power" in the Confederate States, as noted in the Confederate preamble. The Confederate document was basically a copy of the US Constitution, except for some pointed changes: the term of the president was 6 years, bills in Congress were restricted from having non-germane amendments, and (pointedly) industry could not be supported by tariffs.

How did Texas' geography support slavery?

the southern part of the us supported slavery and the north was against it. however some states in the south still supported it so the fact that it was in or near to the south, related to the fact that it supported slavery.

Among the individuals opposing the ratification of the Constitution were?

Fifty-five delegates from the new United States came together in 1787 for a Great Debate in which they transitioned from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution. The Federalists supported ratification while the Anti-Federalists were against it. Some famous Anti-Federalists included Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, and George Clinton.

What were some of the purposes of the constitution?

So we would have rules, and the United states would not be chaotic.

What kind compromise was necessary for the Constitution to be accepted?

The main compromise in the original US Constitution was about slavery, which was permitted in some states and prohibited in others.

What states are under the sovereignty?

The states of the United States have sovereignty, but not absolute sovereignty. Some of the powers of sovereignty are ascribed in the U.S. Constitution to the federal government.