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Your home. lol what a dumb question

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Q: Something that has been built
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What is a nine letter word that is something that has been built?

construct - (noun) something constructed

What is something that has been built that starts with s and t?

ship titanic

Have built or produced something?

Made means to have built of produced something. It is the past tense of make.

How many years has it been since the Lincoln Memorial was built?

Its been built since 1922 so its been built for 88 years

What does the idiom 'a let down' mean?

If something is a let-down, it is a disappointment. The image here is that you have built up your hopes. You are looking forward to something, and when it does not occur, you feel as if you have been let down.

Why is a building called a building when built instead of built?

The reason you call it a building is because it was built as you would call something that was carved a carving or something that was painted a painting.

What is timer IC?

IC stands for Integrated Circuit, which basically means that something that would earlier have been built with several separate components can now be built with something that looks just like one single component.And a timer is a timer, somethings which counts down and then cause something to happen once the preset time has run out

What is reconstruction?

something that is re-built

What is a non purpose built attraction?

A non purpose attraction is an attraction what hasn't been built by humans but something that has formed over millions of years for example Niagara Falls.

How many 737s have been built?

Over 7,400 have been built so far.

How long has worcester st john church been built for?

How long has the Church been Built

Does the 1997 Chrysler cirrus have a factory alarm?

It could have been built with one from the factory.It could have been built with one from the factory.