Who built karnak?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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senusret I built karnak

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Q: Who built karnak?
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Is karnak built by the pharaoh?

The Temple of Karnak is at a village in Upper Egypt called Al-Karnak on the east side of Thebes.

Where was the israelites built kingdom?


Where was the jubilee chapel built?


What pharaoh built karnak?

senusret I

When was the karnak temples built?

1370 BC

When is the great temple at karnak built?

1530 BC

Why was the temple of karnak built?

It made Thebes the source of Egypt’s power.

Who conquered the Hittites and built Hypostyle Hall in Karnak and the temple at Abu Simbel?

Ramses II

What huge objects made of grantie did hatshepsut have built during her reing as pharaoh?

the obelisks of Karnak

Where was the white chapel in Egypt originally built?

Sunesret 1 was the one to build the White Chapel.

Why was the Karnak temple built?

The Karnak temple was built as a place of worship for the ancient Egyptians to honor their gods, primarily Amun-Ra. It was also used for religious ceremonies, festivals, and to showcase the power and wealth of the pharaohs who commissioned its construction.

How did the karnak temple were built?

Karnak temple is put together as mixture of decayed temples, chapels, pylons and buildings. This all started coming together during the reign of Sesostris one in the middle kingdom and when to the Ptolemaic period.