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who built schooners

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Q: Who built schooners brigs and sloops?
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What are some names of ships from the 1800s from Britain?

Sloops Frigates Schooners Bomb ketches Corvettes Man-of-War

Why did pirates use sloops?

Sloops are fast and maneuverable

When was Atlantic Schooners created?

Atlantic Schooners was created in 1982.

When did Atlantic Schooners end?

Atlantic Schooners ended in 1983.

What type of warships did the pirates used?

there are many types of pirate ships:Common Ships = Sloops, Schooners and BrigantinesSquare-rigged pirate ships= Merchant Carrier, Dutch Fleut, East Indiaman, Carracks and the Great GalleonOther Pirate Ships= Galleys and JunksHope I've Helped!!Bye :]

When was Flores class sloops created?

Flores class sloops was created on 1926-03-25.

What were put in Prairie schooners by pioneers?

stuff that was put prairie schooners

Do 12.5 hp brigs lawn machines have battery chager?

Yes, they have a charging system built in them. It is underneath the flywheel. It works on a magnetto system.

How many American troops were involved in the Battle of Lake Erie?

No American troops were involved in the Battle of Lake Erie. Troops are people who fight in armies on land. This was a naval battle and involved sailors, not troops. The US force consisted of five (5) schooners, three (3) brigs and one (1) sloop.Schooners could be crewed by around 16 and Brigs by 12-16. Then each would have had a contingent of marines, as well as possibly some additional crew members..

Who carried goods in prairie schooners?

The pioneers carried goods in Prairie Schooners. Keeping it short and simple

If all Fleeps are Sloops and all Sloops are Loopies then all Fleeps are definitely Loopies - is this statement TRUE - FALSE or NEITHER?

Unfortunately, that's true.

What has the author Walter A Jackson written?

Walter A. Jackson has written: 'The doghole schooners' -- subject(s): Coastwise shipping, Schooners