Who built anfield?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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kieran peck built anfield

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Q: Who built anfield?
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When was anfield built?


Did Everton ever use anfield as there home ground?

Yes Everton had Anfield as there home ground because they built it and then Liverpool got it off them

When was anfield established?

Built in 1884, Anfield has been home to Liverpool F.C. since they were formed in 1892 as a result of the original tenants Everton leaving the ground.

What is the name of liverpool stadium?


When was Anfield Rap created?

Anfield Rap was created in 1988.

Who is the tenant of Anfield?

The tenant of Anfield is Liverpool F.C. in England.

Have Liverpool football club always played at anfield?

No, Anfield is Liverpool's football field, they played at home (anfield) sometimes. Not always.

What premier league team plays at Anfield?

Liverpool play at Anfield

When was Anfield Cemetery created?

Anfield Cemetery was created in 1863-08.

What tickets can be purchased at Anfield Stadium?

At Anfield stadium one can buy tickets for football matches. Anfield is the home base for Liverpool F.C., a world famous soccer club. Liverpool was founded in 1982 at Anfield statium.

When did Anfield Community Comprehensive School end?

Anfield Community Comprehensive School ended in 2006.

Where is the Liverpool football club located?

Liverpool play their football at An field.