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this temple was built to honor the goddess Athena.

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Q: Why was the pathenon built?
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Is pathenon in rome ancient?

I think you mean the "parthenon". That is in Athens, not Rome. It is ancient and was built by the ancient Greeks.

What was used to build the Pathenon and what was placed inside it?

The Parthenon is built of marble and used to contain a statue of the Greek goddess Athena.

What did the ancient Greeks call their land?

The Pathenon of life.

How was the pathenon built?

The Parthenon was built in the mid-5th century BC under the supervision of the sculptor Phidias and the architect Ictinus. It was constructed using a combination of limestone and marble from Mount Pentelicus. The building features impressive architectural features such as Doric columns and intricate sculptural ornamentation.

What is the statue of in the pathenon?

the statue of thena made of ivory and gold

If pathenon is in the us what state is it in?

There are well-known Pantheons in Paris and Rome.

A highlight of percles' rule was?

Rebuilding the Athenian Acropolis, including the Pathenon.

Why is the pathenon so important?

because dogs can meow because dogs can meow

What efforts were made to preserve and restore the statue of liberty and the pathenon?

a lot of work is being made to preserve these monuments and a lot of money was being raised.

What did the sculptures at the Parthenon show?

the sculptures at the pathenon shows that they wanted to prove to the other city-states that they were the best and had they best scupltures and were the finest example:the great sculpture of athena

What special qualities does the goddess Athena have?

Well Athena is the goddess of battle tactics and wisdom. She also was born fully grown from Zeus's leg. She also has an amazing temple called the Pathenon it is pretty amazing.

Why was the eye built how was it built and who built it?

this was built by mohamad of ghazni