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Georgia GA

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Q: Southern-most original state abbreviation
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Abbreviation for southernmost state during American revolution? would be Mississippi

How do you spell LA the state?

The state is Louisiana, the southernmost section of the original Louisiana Purchase.

What was the southernmost of the original thirteen states?

The southernmost US state is Hawaii, found in the tropics of the Pacific Ocean.Florida is only the southernmost of the "continental" (49) states, or of the "contiguous" 48 states.Hawaii

Which state is southernmost state in the us?


What is the southernmost territory of Australia?

Bearing in mind that the southernmost territory is completely different to the southernmost state, then the answer to the question is the Australian Antarctic Territory. Although this territory is recognised as a legitimate claim, there are those who dispute it: in which case, the southernmost territory is Macquarie Island.If the question ally means which is the southernmost state, then that is the island state of Tasmania.

Smallest of the original thirteen states?

New Hampshire is the northernmost of the original 13 states. Georgia was the southernmost of the original 13 states.

What is Indiana's state abbreviation?

IN is the abbreviation for the state of Indiana.

Which is the southernmost state?


Is California a southernmost state?

No, it is Hawaii.

Is newmexico the southernmost state?


What colonies state was the southernmost?


Is the southernmost state of the US?