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There is are no such positions universally. Cabinet positions are created if needed or as are politically correct or prudent.

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Secretary of War, State, Treasury and Justice

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Q: What are the four original cabinet jobs?
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What are the four cabinet jobs?

The original cabinent positions were Secretary of State, Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of War and Attorney-General.

How many original cabinet members were there?

The original U.S. cabinet under George Washington was made up of four members. Their names were Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Randolph, Henry Knox, and Alexander Hamilton.

Which cabinet position was not one of the original four?

The Department of Veteran's Affairs was not part of the original cabinet members. It was not until after World War II that there needed to be an entire department devoted to caring for veterans.

Where can one find Cabinet Jobs online?

Several websites online show listings for cabinet jobs including Career Builder, Indeed, Monster, and Simply Hired. Many of the postings are for either cabinet installers or cabinet finishers.

Can congressmen be on the president's cabinet?

No, they already have jobs. However, they can serve on special cabinet committees.

How do members of the cabinet obtain their jobs?

They are appointed by the President

How many major jobs does the cabinet have?

15 cabinets.

Who was not a member of the original Cabinet?

john Adams

Which president created the first four cabinet positions?

George Washington appointed people to fill the first four cabinet positions.

Who is the original presidential cabinet?

haha I don' know

What are four jobs appointed by the president?

The President appoints cabinet secretaries, the UN delegate, ambassadors to foreign countries and federal judges. His appointments have to be approved by the Senate in order to take effect.

What has four legs and files?

filing cabinet