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it was someone from a long time ago... seriously!!!!!!!

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Q: What original Cabinet official was in charge of national communication?
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Who relied on his kitchen cabinet instead of his official cabinet for advice?

Andrew Jackson noted for having a kitchen cabinet to advise him.

Cabinet Secretary of Australia?

A cabinet secretary is a senior official who gives advice and provides services to a Cabinet of Ministers. The Constitution of Australia does not recognize the Cabinet as a legal entity.

What is the name of the cabinet secretary in the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology in Kenya?

The cabinet secretary of the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology in Kenya is Hon. Dr. Fred Matiang'i Okengo.

Who was not a member of the original Cabinet?

john Adams

What is the name of the cabinet secretary in the Ministry of The National Treasury in Kenya?

The name of the cabinet secretary of the ministry of The National Treasury in Kenya is Hon. Henry Rotich.

Who is the original presidential cabinet?

haha I don' know

What cabinet deals with national parks?

The Department of Interior

How many cabinet departments were created under the clinton administration?

President Clinton elevated the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to Cabinet level status in 1996. However, George Bush demoted FEMA from the Cabinet in 2001 and the agency is now part of the Department of Homeland Security. Clinton elevated the Director of the Office of the National Drug Control Policy to Cabinet level in 1993. This office was removed from Cabinet status in 1993. The Director of Central Intelligence was a Cabinet level official from 1995 to 2001.

What were Washington's official advisers called?

vc n cf

Who was a member of the original Cabinet?

Alexander Hamilton (secretary of the treasury)

What is the main function of the US cabinet?

The main function of the Cabinet is to advise the President on important national and international issues

What cabinet officer is responsible for national parks?

The department of the Interior