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Either the congress approves, they agree with laws in other states, they agree with the United States constitution, and the president approves them.

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Q: States are allowed to make their own laws as long as?
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States are allowed to make their own laws as long as what?

either the congress approves them,they agree with laws in other states,they agree with the united states constitution,or the president approves them.

What allowed Louisiana and other states the right to create their own constitutions and governments?

The U.S. Constitution gave states the power to make their own laws.

What is the duty of the states?

make the laws

Why do the state make the election laws?

With regards to the United States, each one of the 50 states has the authority to make election laws that fit the needs of the state's population. As long as the election laws do not violate the US Constitution, these laws are fine. And, through the process of state elections, citizens may vote to elect candidates that have better ideas on the state's election laws.

Who make the laws of the Unites States?

The U.S. Congress makes the laws of the U.S.

Is obama making a law that states that you have to be 14 to wear makeup?

Short answer --> NO. Long answer --> The president is not able to make a law. The president can ask congressmen and senators to propose a law. The president can sign bills passed by both houses and thus allow them to become laws. BUT, the president alone cannot make laws. Exception to long answer --> The president is allowed to enact executive orders that are similar to laws, but these are not as functional as legislative acts passed by congress.

What are the fundamental laws of each state?

When the states make there own laws for just that state

What taxes are states not allowed to make?

import or export taxes

What are special laws in Norway?

You're not allowed to add booze to wine to make it stronger, but you're allowed to dilute booze with wine.

What can independent states do?

they could make thier own laws

The US constitution allocates the power to make laws to the?

The United States Constitution allocates the power to make laws to the Legislative branch.

What kind of laws do states make?

the states make very important laws like: they issue licenses, they conduct elections, establish local governments,and ratify amendments and things like that.