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In the story of Pilandok, a young prince that is tricked into believing that a beehive is a special gong. The prince hits the "special gong" and is stung by bees and then saved by soldiers and servants.

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Q: Story of tale of Pilandok ARMM?
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What is the moral of the tale of pilandok story?

The moral of the tale of Pilandok is that intelligence and cleverness can help overcome challenges and adversaries, even when faced with larger and stronger opponents. It teaches that wit and resourcefulness can be just as effective as strength and power.

What is the of the story of pilandok crosses the river?

It's about deceit

Who is the character of the pilandok story and described?

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Where did pilandok live?


Pilandok moral lesson?

The story of Pilandok teaches us the importance of using our wits and intelligence to overcome challenges, rather than relying on brute strength. It also highlights the value of being resourceful and creative in finding solutions to problems. Ultimately, Pilandok's adventures remind us that even the smallest and seemingly weakest individuals can achieve success through cunning and cleverness.

Reaction of the story entitled pilandok crosses a river?

"Pilandok Crosses a River" is a Philippine folktale about a cunning mouse deer who outsmarts a hungry crocodile by convincing him to let him ride on his back to cross the river. However, Pilandok tricks the crocodile by pretending to not know how to count, causing the crocodile to underestimate his intelligence and spare his life. The story serves as a lesson on using wit and cleverness to overcome obstacles.

What is the difference between a tale and a story?

A story can be true or not where as a tale is not true.

What part of the Philippines can you find a pilandok?

Pilandok can be found in the Balabac Island in South of Palawan.

What is the opposite of tale?

The opposite of tale is fact or truth.

Story of pilandok crosses the rive?

What the hell is this book. I dont think anyone has ever read it unless you know you that guy! hahaha

What is the name of witch in pilandok?

The name of the witch in the Pilandok stories is typically called "Hukluban." She is portrayed as a powerful and malevolent figure who often clashes with Pilandok, the cunning mouse deer.

Is the dilg armm secretary equivalent in rank with that of national dilg secretary?

No. the DILG ARMM secretary is somewhat equivalent to a Regional Director. The difference is that DILG ARMM secretary is one of the cabinet secretaries of the Regional Governor. Appointed in nature, therfore can be replaced at any moment by the Regional Governor of ARMM. ARMM has its own secretaries on agencies that are devolved from the National government.