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Martinet (just one synonym, there are a few more, look in thesaurus)

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Q: Strict disciplinarian is known as
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What do you call a strict disciplinarian?

a strict disciplinarian

A sentence with the word disciplinarian?

The teacher was considered a strict disciplinarian because she assigned students detention for the smallest infraction of rules.

What do you call a person who enforces discipline?

A person who enforces discipline is often referred to as an enforcer, disciplinarian, or a strict disciplinarian.

Which philosophy advocate role of a teacher as strict disciplinarian?


Which adjective best describes the narrators father according to the narrator?

The narrator describes their father as being strict, disciplinarian, and often distant.

What happen to Michael and his father when he was a child?

Apparently, Michael Jackson's father was a strict disciplinarian or family tyrant, and Michael was never happy about his father or his childhood.

Who was corporal turnbull?

Corporal Turnbull was a young army officer. He was a strict disciplinarian and entertained no frivolous behaviour from the trainees. He was very tough and strongly built.

What is the synonym for disciplinarian?

The synonym for disciplinarian is authoritarian.

Is Aunt Polly a strict disciplinarian?

Yes, Aunt Polly is often portrayed as a strict disciplinarian in Mark Twain's "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer." She is responsible for raising Tom and often uses discipline to try and correct his mischievous behavior.

What is the Synonym for martinet?

Authoritarian or disciplinarian.

What is the antonym for disciplinarian?

The antonym for disciplinarian is lenient or lax.

How do you use the word Instructor in a Sentence?

The instructor guided the students through the complicated science experiment.