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Don't know but ap world sure does suck

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Q: Summarize the political and cultural conflict between city and pampas in Argentina?
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What capital is in argitina?

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. It is the largest city in Argentina and serves as the political, cultural, and economic center of the country.

The name of a cultural sight in Argentina?


What are the importance of understanding cultural diversity as it relates to conflict in the workplace?

Cultural differences can cause misunderstandings and conflict in the workplace. Understanding cultural diversity can prevent this.

What are the roots of the conflict in Belgium?

The roots of the conflict in Belgium began in 1830 when French aristocrats took over the country. When the people came from France, there was no real cultural or political roots with the natives that already occupied the land.

What is the largest city in Argentina?

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina, both in terms of population and land area. It is the capital city of the country and serves as its economic, cultural, and political hub.

What is a cultural conflict?

A cultural conflict is a conflict between a person or persons religious background, ethnicity, and or beliefs. For example: There is a christian and an atheist sitting in a park and they begin to discuss their beliefs. A conflict could then arise between the two people with different religious beliefs because of their cultural backgrounds thus being a cultural conflict.

Political and cultural values are often separate true or false?

False. Political and cultural values are often interconnected and influence each other. Cultural values, beliefs, and norms can shape political ideologies and policies, while political decisions can also impact cultural practices and values within a society.

What factors are keeping Africa from modernizing?

the hiv/aids epidemic lack of cultural and linguistic unity in many africans states corruption on the part of the political elites interethnic conflict

How do the Jews and Palestinians resolve their cultural conflict?

There is no cultural conflict between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs (who are mostly ethnic-Palestinians) who live in Israel. There are religious and historical differences and certainly political disagreements, but there is no cultural conflict. The same could have been said of the Jewish communities in tolerant Muslim States, such as Umayyad Spain, Abbassid Baghdad, and Pahlavi Iran. This shows that the cultural conflict is not between Jews and Arabs (although Iran is not Arab) but between the types of government styles they wish to set up. The Jewish State is democratic and non-religious. Arab governments are by and large autocratic and partially theocratic (or based on religious values). The conflict between Arab States and Israel has not yet been resolved.

What interaction is an example of a conflict that has arisen from cultural differences?

wars are one of the critical arisen of conflict!

What is cultural activism?

The 3 cultural behavior activities are Social, Political, and Economic.

What are some examples of Argentina's cultural dress?

Thomas Toppin likes The Boiis