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Yes I do think he would have been a better president. He is a Christian and he doesn't like abortion but he did divorce his wife who was in a wheel chair and married a women twenty years younger than he was. I just hope Obama will be an OK president. (Like that will ever happen! No I'm jking)

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Q: That McCain would have been a better president?
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What house of congress was going to convict President Nixon?

Had President Nixon been impeached, the trial would have been held in the Senate where he would have been either convicted or acquitted.

What years will the 100th president be in office?

I predict the 100th US president will be elected in 2356. My guess is based on the fact that there have been 43 different presidents in the first 224 years. However, 8 have died in office and with better medical car and better security the total number of president would have been reduced to maybe 37. 224/37 = about 6.05 years per president. 100 is 57 presidents away and 57 times 6.05 is 345 but elections are held every years, so call it 344 from 2012.

Has there ever been a woman vice president?

No. The highest office that a woman has been in United States history, was that of Speaker of the House of Representatives. It was held by Nancy Pelosi when the Democrats controlled the House in 2008 to 2010. When she was elected by her fellow House Representatives, it had been the first time that a President (George W. Bush), started a State of the Union Address with Mr. Vice President and Madame Secretary... It was a milestone in U.S. History.

Who is runing for president this year?

For the 2016 US Presidential election, the major nominees are:Hillary Clinton (Democratic)Donald Trump (Republican)Gary Johnson (Libertarian)Jill Stein (Green)

What President abandoned the Constitution of the the United States?

This is a question that is subject to a tremendous amount of debate. Some would say it has never been abandoned. Some would say it has been abandoned (or at least ignored) under every President for at least the past half-century.

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Why would Obama be a good president and why would McCain be a good president?

Both men had good qualifications for the position, but more voters thought Obama would be the better choice. Now that the election is over and Obama is the President, vision to the future rather than the past makes the most sense. Obama was predicted to be a good President, even by McCain. McCain will continue to make his contributions as a Maverick in the Senate. Since taking office Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his impact on and improvement of the world view of the US, especially among allies.

Will obama do good as president?

No, he is the worst president in history McCain would've been a good president though

Where the first 44 presidents born?

If you mean born in America, the answer is yes. (On an interesting note, if John Mccain had been elected as our president, he would have been the first US president NOT born on American soil. John Mccain was actually born in Panama. However, he is considered to be born an American citizen because he was born on an American military base in Panama.)

How many years has John McCain been trying to win as president?

John McCain ran for president twice. He first ran in 2000 and then again in 2008.

How come everyone says McCain is too old i mean if he is an older person senior wouldn't that make him a better president because he has been part of the US longer so he saw how its been run?

It's because he's senile.

Can the vice president act as the president if the president is gravely I'll?

In my eyes he would do a much better job then the president is doing and has been doing.

What will mcCain do for us?

John McCain had maybe suitable ideas to improve this nation and still will. Since the possibility of McCain as president has been removed there is still a chance he may be able to fight the bad ideas while he holds a seat. McCain is a just man who will do all he can for his nation. I WILL ONLY SAY THIS HE IS OUT OF HIS MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long has mccain been a Republican?

John McCain has been a life long republican.

Why have some claimed that John McCain is constitutionally ineligible to be president?

One reason that the question of whether John McCain is constitutionally eligible to be president has been raised is that the constitution requires the president to be a natural-born citizen, and he was born in the Panama Canal Zone. The zone was a territory of the United States at the time of his birth, but has since been returned to Panama. However, it is generally agreed that this does count as "natural-born".

Who would have made the best President in 2008 Hillary Clinton Barack Obama or John McCain?

The 2008 election was unique, given that one of the candidates was African-American, another was female, and a third was a white man who had been in the senate for years and was a hero of the Vietnam War. In the Democratic primary, there was an intense battle for the nomination between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Then-Senator Obama ultimately won, and went up against the Republican nominee, John McCain. While many Republicans admired Sen. McCain's war service, they privately doubted he was the best candidate; the public seems to have agreed, since the general perception of Sen. McCain's opponents was he would just continue the failed policies of the very unpopular President George W. Bush. Barack Obama was perceived as young, eloquent, and able to reach out to a wider group of voters than McCain could. Mr. Obama won the election overwhelmingly, so we will never know if Mr. McCain or Mrs. Clinton could have done a better job as president.

How old is Harrison McCain?

Harrison McCain was born on November 3, 1927 and died on March 18, 2004. Harrison McCain would have been 76 years old at the time of death or 87 years old today.

Why would you want him to become president at such a senior age Seems to me he might not make it through till the 4 years is over..and that would make his running mate president. God help us?

Assuming this question refers to John McCain, the irony is that in the 2016 election, both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump would have been older than McCain. Donald Trump is the oldest person to become the president at 70. McCain's choice of a Vice President was bad and pandering; the result of poor political advice, not properly vetting, and attempting to play to identity politics by having a woman as a running mate. Further, many Americans, including the previous answerer were deeply misled, and believe all sorts of crazy things to be true, such as Obama being a Muslim, or terrorist, all of which are obviously not true. Their indoctrination of all Democratic members as "tax and spend" has taken root throughout multiple generations. Indeed, the United States has deep seeded problems of racism and faux patriotism as a mask for otherism. John McCain had many things going for him, and is still alive today (end of 2017) though diagnosed with terminal cancer. The office of the Vice President does not hold too much power when the President is alive, and Palin would probably have been a rubber stamp in the Senate, tie-breaking along partisan lines should it ever have come to that. Overall McCain probably would have been an alright president, or at least one better than our current president. === If speaking of the current president (2017) Donald Trump, that is a much bigger story. All I can say is people are fools who believe the easy lie, when it was just as easy to see the horrible truth. Trump validated people's emotions, pushing narratives of victimization, appealing to the fearful.