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Autocratic rule may result from a chaotic situation which can be brought under control only by a very strong and accomplished leader. The problem has been that once the chaos has been replaced with an ordered system, the autocrat usually continues to rule rather than transition to a more democratic form of government.

George Washington is a counter example. He was highly accomplished: both the General of the Armies and the richest man in the nation. He took the presidency by the almost unanimous consent of the American people. But 8 years later he stepped down from power voluntarily. King George said he did not believe Washington would do that, "but if he does, he will be the greatest man in the world." To this day, it is a rare thing in history for such a leader to do.

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Q: That great accomplishments justify autocratic rule?
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Who took control of Russia and ended autocratic rule?

The Bolsheviks.

Autocratic its root and affixes and their meaning?

Autocratic comes from two Greek roots autos which means "self" and critein which means "to rule"

What is the difference between oligarchy and autocratic form of a government?

An Oligarchy is government by a few or a dominant class. An Autocratic rule is a despotic rule, a person who claims absolute authority, self ruling and alone.

What type of government did Russian rulers develop?

authoritarian or autocratic rule

What were mansa accomplishments?

He established rule of law and enforcing it. This brought great stability to his kingdom which lasted well after his death.

What is the the necessary expense rule three part test is intended to do?

justify the purpose of an expenditure

What is the purpose of introduction?

To introduce what the Declaration itself intends to do (that is, justify the American overthrow of British rule). OR It explains what the Declaration sets out to do - justify the overthrow of British rule.

What were Qins accomplishments?

He made a code of laws and under his rule the great wall of china was built and finished. Thats all I know so far.

How can you use the word autocratic in a sentence?

He was such an autocratic king that not even his most trusted advisors could change his mind once he made a decision.Autocratic rule continues to be common in developing countries around the world.

Why was Juluis Caesar assassinated?

Caesar was assassinated because of his autocratic rule. The conspirators thought they were saving the republic by eliminating Caesar.

What are facts about the Bolsheviks?

Bolsheviks were a revolutionary political party in early 20th century Russia. They opposed the Romanov autocratic rule.

What is an aurocratic?

The term "autocratic" refers to a type of leadership style. An "autocrat" is similar to a "despot" in that they both rule with absolute power.