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Mob rule.

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Q: The Founders feared popular sovereignty would lead to?
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Under popular sovereignty who decides whether slavery would be allowed in a territory?

popular sovereignty

Did the north like popular sovereignty?

No most northerners did not like popular sovereignty because it violated the Missouri compromise. The South was in favor of popular sovereignty because it allowed the people to decide if slavery would be allowed in a new territory.

What is the principle of popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty arose from the Enlightenment teaching of Rousseau, Hobbes and Locke. It comes from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Who was the speakers is a supporter of popular sovereignty?

Stephen A. Douglas suggested dropping the Missouri compromise's ban on slavery. Instead, popular sovereignty (the vote of the residents) would decide the issue.

Why did Frederick Douglass believe that popular sovereignty would solve the problem of slavery in the nebraska territory?

popular sovereignty allows for the people to choose where they stand on the subject and Frederick believed that the people would vote for no slavery

Example of sovereignty?

Sovereignty is supreme power or authority as in the authority of a state or government. An example would be a colony demanding full sovereignty.

Who will decide whether slavery would be allowed in a territory under popular sovereignty?

The senete

Who was the politician that strongly supported popular sovereignty?

The current politician that does, would be Ron Paul.

According t o popular sovereignty who would decide on the issue of slavery?

The settlers of the territories would decide.

Did The Constitution originally rejected the principle of popular sovereignty?

In a way; it was designed in such a way that majority rule would be circumvented by the electoral system (ie the senate and House of Representatives). The writers feared that the lesser-educated and more easily-swayed masses would be incapable of ruling themselves in the purest sense of the term.

What allowed people in the new states to decide if they would allow slavery or not?

Popular sovereignty-_-Apex

What allowed the people in new states decide if they would allow slavery or not?

Popular sovereignty-_-Apex