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No most northerners did not like popular sovereignty because it violated the Missouri compromise. The South was in favor of popular sovereignty because it allowed the people to decide if slavery would be allowed in a new territory.

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Q: Did the north like popular sovereignty?
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What is it called when the people have the power to make decisions about government?

popular sovereignty

What were the consequences of popular sovereignty?

Balls. That is all.

Is popular sovereignty important to republic?

Popular sovereignty is important to a republic. The main principle of popular sovereignty is that the government is created by the people for the people.

What sovereignty was Stephen Douglas?

Popular Sovereignty

Why is popular sovereignty important parts of the government?

Because popular sovereignty is part of the government and when they elect the leader they needed popular sovereignty right that is why an important.

A sentence using popular sovereignty?

Popular Sovereignty is a government in which the common people rule.

The notion that power lies with the people is called popular what?

popular sovereignty

Is voting an example of popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty means people have a voice in the government and this means they have a voice to vote in the government

Who are those who rule in popular sovereignty?

Those who rule the popular sovereignty are the people.

Which provisions in the constitution ensure popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty refers to a political doctrine which states that governmental powers resides in the people. The Preamble ensures popular sovereignty.

The South's main concession to the North in the Compromise of 1850 was?

acceptance of popular sovereignty in the New Mexico and Utah territories

What is a priciple of popular sovereignty?

popular: majority sovereignty: rule therefore the people have total control