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They didn't fail; it wasn't a problem at the time. Slavery had been such a common practice around the world for so long. Egyptians enslaved Jews centuries ago. Europeans enslaved Native Americans when they first arrived, and when Africans were enslaved in the states, even the African rulers supported this trading.

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The US Constitution failed to outlaw slavery. This occurred because the United States depended on the support of the southerners for the adoption of the US Constitution.

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Q: The Founding Fathers failed to eliminate slavery because?
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Why didn't the founding fathers halt slavery?

because its not nice

Why was shay's rebellion important to the founding fathers?

Shay's rebellion was important to the founding fathers because it pointed out that the government needed strengthening and it also pointed out the weakness of the articles.

Did the founding fathers think slavery would die out by 1860?


Why did the founding fathers not abolish slavery?

The founding fathers of the United States did not abolish slavery right away because it was something that they found useful. There were many slaves working in state houses in Pennsylvania at the time the Declaration of Independence was signed. Many families had slaves to do the cooking and cleaning in the northern states.

Did the founding fathers stop slavery?

no it ran its course, twitter and facebook and myspace came into play

Was john marshall a slave owner?

No. He was one of the Founding Fathers of which were members of societies for ending slavery.

Why was slavery called the necessary evil?

It was called this because the Founding Fathers saw it as the only way to get farms and plantations off the ground in early America. The institution of indentured servitude was falling apart at the seems, and Native American slavery was our of the question for a number of reasons. African labor was cheap, convenient, and easy to justify. While some founding fathers were against slavery, they were mainly not opposed to it because it made many of them very rich.

What was a ruling of the dred Scott decision?

That slavery was legal in every state of the Union, because when the Founding Fathers declared that a man's property was sacred, they would have regarded slaves as property.

What is the reason for addition to the constitution?

The Constitution is amended because times change.As new things happen, you have to update the foundation.Like slavery and women's rights, the founding fathers couldn't set anything protecting women's rights or abolishing slavery because of the time they lived in.

Why was slavery allowed in all terriories?

Because the Supreme Court had made a surprise announcement that slavery was protected by the Constitution. They judged that when the Founding Fathers declared that a man's property was sacred, they would have included slaves within their definition of property.

Where the founding fathers against or for slavery?

I think it depends on where the Founding Father is from. Some are from the southern states where slavery is a main part of money. Some are from the North where people strongly oppose slavery since they are all people in a way. Most of them were against slavery; however, a couple were very vehement about keeping slavery in the Declaration of Independence.

What was a widely held belief among the founding fathers of the US?

Most of the founding fathers of the USA held the belief that it was okay to have slaves and personal valets. They however made notable efforts to end slavery and have more rights to the former slaves.