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Q: The German defeat was hastened by the?
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What is the part of speech of hastened?

Hastened is a verb it means be quick to do something.

What hastened the Diaspora?

They were hastened by the Roman sacking of Jerusalem, and the persecution of Jews in Spain.

What was the significance of franco - Prussian war for Germany?

Independent German states fought together to defeat France...Nova Net

Did the German army defeat leningrad?

The Russian city of Leningrad was never conquered by the German army .

Sentence for hastened?

After announcing that I was going home to plan a murder, I hastened to explain that this was for a book I was writing.

What contributed to the german defeat in the battle of stalingrad-?

The Russian troops and the Russian winter and Hitler's bombing of radar stations are some of the factors that contributed to the German defeat in the battle of Stalingrad.

What was the goal of the D-Day invasion?

The liberation of the German-occupied countries of Europe and the final defeat of Germany.

What stopped the killing of the Jews?

the defeat of German forces in 1945

Where did the washingtons troops defeat a group of German mercanaries?


What contributed to the German defeat in the battles of Stalingrad?

The Russian winter

What impact did the invasion of Normandy have on war?

it let to the defeat of German forces

What did the German army generals refused to admit in the war?

Defeat! Trust me!