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The House has cloture.

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Q: The House typically is able to act quicker on legislation because?
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Why is it quicker to pass legislation in the Senate?

It actually takes longer to pass legislation in the Senate then in House. There are more members in the Senate which means more heated debates could stall legislation.

Which house of congress has the right to initiate legislation?

Either house can initiate most legislation, but only the House of Representatives can initiate legislation for generating revenue.

What kind of legislation does the US Constitution establish?

The US uses a two part legislation or a "two house legislation": House of Representatives, and Senate.

What is one important difference in the way that the House and Senate consider legislation?

The Senate considers legislation with the goal of sending it to the House for approval. The House considers legislation with the goal of sending it to the President for ratification.

Who writes New legislation (laws)?

New legislation (laws) are introduced by members of the senate or the house of representatives.

What committee in the US House of Representatives does tariff legislation originate?

The House committee called the Ways and Means Committee is where tariff legislation originates.

What type of bill originates from the House of Representatives?

All monetary legislation must begin in the House, because it is the most represented body of the US government.

What are the House of Representatives and the Senate responsible for?


What does amending legislation mean?

It means to fix a legislation that was passed with the Constitution. I.E. The Bill of Rights has ten amendments to the legislation. As proposed legislation ("a bill") proceeds through committee, and picks up additional sponsors, often, support is only forthcoming if additions, deletions or changes are made to the proposed statutory language, in order to obtain the support of a particular legislator or legislators. The results of the deliberations that occur in proceedings in committee can have the effect of amending legislation before it is put to a vote by the upper house (the U.S. Senate) and the lower house (the U.S. House of Representatives). Also, reports of planned, proposed, or enacted changes to existing law could be called "amending legislation" although it is not legislation, but simply a communicative writing reporting proposed or effected changes to legislation. These typically contain the original legislated statutory passages in strikethrough text for comparative and analytical purposes.

Which Speaker of the House was instrumental in passing the New Deal legislation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

Which speaker of the house was instrumental in pass the new deal legislation FDR

Most Canadian laws originate with who?

Most Canadian legislation is passed by the Parliament of Canada, which consists of the Queen (represented by the Governor General), the Senate (an appointed Upper House), and the House of Commons (an elected Lower House). While legislation can be started in either House, most legislation is initiated in the House of Commons.It should be noted that there is a massive amount of subordinate legislation (styled "regulations") that is created by the Governor General-in-Council (i.e., by the Governor General acting on the advice of ministers responsible to the House of Commons). Regulations are used to further expand on primary legislation.

What is a group of House and Senate members who investigate issuses related to legislation but have no power to draft legislation?

The congress