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Q: The Shora is the Parliament of which country?
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What is parliament of Afghanistan?


What is kalmi shora?

Potassium nitrate, Pitkari

What you call to kalmi shora?

kidney pathary remove

Did Obama appoint Kareem Shora and Arif Alikhan to Homeland Security?


Did President Obama appoint Kareem Shora and Arif Alikhan to Homeland Security?


What has the author Ashfaq Ahmed written?

Ashfaq Ahmed has written: 'SHORA SHORI' 'Subhanay Fasanay'

Which day of the week the parliament completes its tasks?

The parliament in which country?

What goes on in Parliament?

in parliament the government descuse problems with the country and take action to fix the problem and to improve the country

The parliament of which west Asian country is called the knesset?

The parliament of Israel is.

Name of parliament in different countries?

Afghanistan - Shora Britain - Parliament Denmark - Folketing Germany - Bundestag India - Sansad Iran - Majlis Israel - Knesset Japan - Diet Malaysia - Majlis Nepal - Panchayat Netherlands - States General Norway - Storting Poland - National Assembly of the Republic of Poland Russia - Federal Assembly of Russia Spain - Cortes Sweden - Riksdag Taiwan - Yuan USA - Congress Bangladesh - Jatiya Sangsad (parliament of bangladesh)

What country has a parliament?

England and Canada

What country has the oldest parliament?