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The United States.

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Q: The parliament of which country is known as congress?
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Does laws for the entire country is made in parliament?

All the branches of the government like the legistlated branch (congress),the judicial branch,and the executive branch

Are a group of baboon known as a congress?

No, a group of baboons is called a Congress. parliament would be the legislature of great britain

What is senate and the house of representatives what we call?

CongressThese are the two houses of parliament in Australia, where they are not known as Congress.

What is the senate and the house of representives called?

In the US this is known as Congress. In Australia, they make up the Federal Parliament.

What is the name of the Japanese Congress?

The Japanese version of the US Congress is a bicameral parliament known as The National Diet or just the Diet. In Japanese, it is Kokkai (国会).

How did the Parliament serve as a model for colonial governments in the colonies and for congress later?

Parliament was a British legislation Colonial gov't is an example of Congress

Is parliament a higher sort of level than government?

Parliment and the Prime Minister are much like Congress and the President. The President of the United States is the highest office there is in our country, however, Congress as a whole can overrule the President.

How did parliament serve as a model for colonial governments in the colonies and for congress?

The two-house parliment with representives in each house elected from specific divisions of the country was the basis for Congress.

Which country lower house of Parliament is known as wolesi jirga?


Do you have anything comparable to the English parliament in your country?

HELL YEAH WE DO.... WE HAVE CONGRESS! Has two houses and helps to make laws in our society

What is China's Parliament known as?

The China Parliament is called as Quanguo Renmin Daibiao Dahui in chinese language. In English it is also called as ( National People's Congress ).

How did parliament serve as a model for colonial government in the colonies and for congress later?

The colonial government did not draft after the congress. This is to the British parliament.