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In most cases, supreme courts are final appellate courts.

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Q: The Supreme Court is mainly what kind of court?
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What kind of judges does the supreme court have?

They are called supreme court justice

Can there be an appeal from a federal court?

The highest court is the Supreme Court, but not all cases can be appealed to the Supreme Court; it depends what kind of legal issues are involved. Otherwise, the case can be appealed to a Federal Appeal Court. If you can afford the legal fees, of course.

What kind of services does the judicial system have?

U.S Supreme Court.

Appellate jurisdiction means that the Supreme Court .?

Having appellate jurisdiction means that the Supreme Court hears cases that have been in trial before. A majority of cases that the Supreme Court hear are either controversial, or some kind of trial error took place in a prior court.

What kind of courts report to the Supreme Court?

The US Supreme Court is head of the Judicial Branch of government. The "inferior" courts in this branch are:US District CourtsUS Court of International TradeUS Court of Appeals Circuit Courts

When does the US Supreme Court get the last say and in what kind of cases does the US Supreme Court not have the last say?

The Supreme Court always has the last say for cases that fall under its jurisdiction. The Court no longer has mandatory jurisdiction and may exercise full discretion over which cases it hears. The decision of the Court is final, unless modified by the Court itself or by constitutional amendment.

The US Supreme Court is what kind of branch?

The US Supreme Court is an Article III (constitutional) court, and the highest appellate court for federal question jurisdiction, or cases involving issues related to the US Constitution, federal law, or treaties of the United States.The Supreme Court also has exclusive original jurisdiction (is the only trial court) for disputes between the states.

What are the release dates for The Supreme Court - 2007 A New Kind of Justice 1-2?

The Supreme Court - 2007 A New Kind of Justice 1-2 was released on: USA: 31 January 2007

The supreame courts usually what kind of cases?

There is no telling which case or what kind of a case the Supreme Court will hear. If a case is simple, it never will get to the Supreme Court. Cases that reach the Supreme Court have gone through one or more appeals processes. Sometimes a appeal reaches the Supreme Court when a federal court of appeals has made a ruling different from another federal court of appeals. In that case, the supreme court is asked to certify an issue. That is a fancy term meaning to play referee. The Supreme Court certifies an issue when it takes up an issue where district courts of appeal have made different rulings concerning the application of the same law. (Sometimes the Supreme Court refuses to take up the issue. In that case it simply states, "Cert. Denied.") Normally, all cases that reach the Supreme Court have come from the Federal Courts of Appeal or the Highest State Court. However, the Supreme Court reserves the right to sit as a court of original jurisdiction. The last time the Supreme Court granted a writ of Habeas Corpus was 1924. It retains that right. I doubt if any member on the Supreme Court has any idea under what conditions that would happen. Still, it retains that right.

When the supreme court accepts a case for review it places it on what kind of calendar?


A type of jurisdiction that permits a court to hear any kind of case?

There is not a jurisdiction that allows a court to hear any type of case. Even the Supreme Court is limited in the types of cases they hear.

What cases are heard in the supreme court?

The Supreme Court decides cases that are appealed by a lower court; a lower court has made a decision and one of the parties feels strongly enough that the decision was wrong that they make an appeal to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court reviews the cases and determines which ones they will hear, they have the ability to decline to review a case. The Supreme Court doesn't hear only appeals, there are situations where it is the court of original jurisdiction. In situations where there is a disagreement between states, the Supreme Court has the authority to decide.