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the congress

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Q: The US Constitution assigns most of the expressed powers of government to which branch?
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Who assigns the power to control imigration?

The Constitution assigns the power to control immigration to Congress. The United States Constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

What role does the constituition assign to the judicial branch?

The constitution assigns the judicial branch the role of interpreting laws, resolving disputes, and ensuring that laws are constitutional. The judicial branch also has the power to review the actions of the other branches of government to ensure they are in accordance with the constitution.

What is the part of the constitution that describes each branch of government.?

The Articles of the U.S. Constitution describe each branch of government.

What is the meaning of expressed power?

Expressed powers are those powers directly stated in the Constitution. Most of those powers are found in the first three articles of the Constitution. Examples are the power to levy and collect taxes, to coin money, to declare war, and to regulate commerce among the states. Expressed powers are also known as enumerated (listed) powers.

Which power does the us constitution assig the assign the executive branch with?

pardoning those convicted of crimes

What was the first branch of government discussed in the constitution?

The legilatve branch is the first to be dicussed in the constitution.

What is the significance of expressed powers?

Expressed powers refer to the specific powers granted to the government by the Constitution. These powers outline the authority and responsibilities of each branch of government, ensuring a system of checks and balances. The significance of expressed powers is that they help define the scope and limitations of the government's authority, preventing one branch from becoming too powerful.

Where does the branch of government get their powers from?

The Constitution

Which branch of government is the final authority on the Constitution?

Judicial branch

Which branch of the government is the final authority of the constitution?

Judicial branch

What is a list of the three branches of government under the constitution?

The three branches of government under the constitution include the legislative branch, executive branch, and the judicial branch.

Which laws are the highest in the land?

The highest laws are of the federal government, but the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and trumph any laws or regulations. If a law does not comply with the Constitution, the Judicial branch uses its expressed powers in the Constitution to deny these laws.