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The Great Compromise.

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Q: The agreement that created our two house legislature was?
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What is the agreement that led to the current two-house legislature?

the 1st bill sent

Describe the compromise which created a two-house legislature?


What colony created a General Court with a two house legislature?


What was the great compromise is conflicting ideas?

Each state, regardless of its size would have two representatives in the senate, or upper house. The agreement to create a two-house legislature.

A two-house legislature is also called a unilateral legislature?

A two house legislature is not called a unilateral legislature, it is called a bicameral legislature.

What are two houses of legislature?

Two houses of legislature are the House of Representatives and the House of Senates or Senators.

A two-house legislature is called a unicameral?

No. A two-house legislature is called a bicameral legislature. Please note that "bicameral" is an adjective, not a noun.

What is a two-house legislature?


What is the definition for Great compromise?

It was an agreement between large and small states and a two house legislature.

Which of these featured a two house legislature with the lower house based on population?

which of these featured a two house legislature with the lowerr house based on population

The agreement for a two house legislature came about because?

The continental congress couldn't decide upon a Senate based on population or an equal Senate with two representatives from each state. A compromise was made and to this day we have a bicameral legislature, the house of representatives ( population based ) and the Senate ( fixed amount of representatives ).

What is a one house legislature called?

unicameral A one house legislature is a unicameral. A two house legislature is a bicameral.