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One of the most basic arguments against restricting civil liberties is that the government does not, or should not, have the power to do so in the first place. Many argue that restricting civil liberties violates freedoms protected in the Constitution.

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Q: The basic argument against restricting civil liberties?
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What was the important argument against the proposed constitution?

it did not guarantee basic rights

What was an important argument against the proposal constitution?

it did not guarantee basic rights

Basic argument for restricting civil liberties during war?

During times of conflict and change civil liberties are challenged. Societal views and values do not change as easily as political belief, and people hold on to the views they were previously taught.

What is a basic conflict?

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Who needed to protect the basic liberties?

Bill Of Rice.............Rights

What guaranteed basic liberties and indicated some swing away from federalist centralizing?

The Bill of Rights guaranteed basic liberties, such as freedom of speech. The passage of the Bill of Rights signaled a swing away from federalist centralizing.

What is John Stuart Mill's basic point?

John Stuart Mill's basic point is that individuals should have the freedom to act as they please as long as their actions do not harm others. He believed in the importance of individual liberties and the protection of minority opinions against the tyranny of the majority.

Believed the Constitution should provide protection for certain basic liberties?


What generalization about democracy is most valid?

Democratic governments protect basic civil liberties

What did the Nation Assembly Give to its charter of basic liberties?

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.

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