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Q: The biggest difference between militia and minutemen was?
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Men ready to act and fight in a minutes notice?

They were New England colonists who were part of their local militia. They were given the nickname "minutemen" because they were suppose to be ready to fight at a minutes notice.

Who are the minutemen who fire muskets during patriots games?

Collectively, the minutemen at the Patriot games are known as the End Zone Militia. They are a group of revolutionary war re-enactors who do all sorts of things, like the end zone celebrations, reenactments and parades. Click the link below to go to their website for more information,

Two names for colonist who supported Americans during the revolutionary war?

A couple are: Patriots Sons and Daughters of Liberty Americans Rebels (by Britain) :-P I guess you could said minutemen or militia but... People of the Continental Congress

Who forced the redcoats to get out of Concord and into Boston?

An American colonial militia called the Minutemen, due to the fact they claimed they could prepare themselves to fight in a minute. The militia had just cleared the cache of arms they had stashed in Concord. The British were going there to take the cache of arms themselves (they learned from a tip by a loyalist), but the militia got there first and drove them out, firing on them as they marched back to Boston. It was the second battle of the beginning of the American Revolution, following a colonial loss at Lexington, where the militia had met the redcoats on their way to Concord from Boston in the first place.

How many minutemen fire muskets during patriot games?

The New England Patriots End Zone Militia is composed of two ten men squad, one for each endzone. When the Patriots score, nine members of the militia (depending on which endzone the Patriots scored in) fire their muskets. The tenth member is the "platoon leader" and directs the volleys.