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Q: The british constitution is often described as?
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How can the process of creating and ratifying the constitution be described?

How can the process of creating and ratifying the constitution be described

How does the british Constitution differ from US?

british constitution differ from the US Constitution is that they dont have rule

How constitution is amended in British parliament?

There is no British Constitution, so it cannot be amended.

Define the British constitution?

The British constitution is 'unwritten'. It is a collection of laws, conventions and case law. There is no codified constitution as there is for example, in the USA.

Is the The judiciary system established by the Constitution?

It is- the entire process is described in the Constitution.

What are often described as corrostive?

Strong acids and bases are often described as corrosive.

India has been described by the Constitution as?

A union of states

The judicial branch is described in which article of the Constitution?

Article III

What crime is described and explained in detail in the Constitution?

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Where in the constitution is the veto power described?

Article I section 7

What are the characteristics of a British constitution?

it is supremeit is flexibleit is unitarysovereigntyit is uncodified constitution

How many articles are in British constitution?

The British constitution is an unwritten constitution, meaning that it does not exist in a single document or a set number of articles. It is composed of various laws, statutes, court decisions, and conventions that have evolved over time. Therefore, there is no specific number of articles in the British constitution.