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to prevent European nations from recognizing the Confederacy.

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Q: The diplomatic objective of the Union was?
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What is the primary objective of the Department of State?

The primary Mission of the State Department is Diplomacy

When did the US establishes diplomatic relations with Soviet Union?


Was lincolns main objective to save the union?

Yes, it was Lincoln's main objective.

What were the economic military and diplomatic results of the union victory over the confderates?


What was president lincolns major objective after his election in 1860?

Lincoln's major objective was to preserve the union, which was threatened after South Carolina seceded from the union.

The American Strategy under detente was to?

Restrain the Soviet Union through diplomatic agreements

What were the union objective sending troops to the south in 1861?

To defeat the rebel forces and restore the Union.

What is the act of going to war?

To declare war with another country is to sever diplomatic relations and prepare to use military force to obtain your objective.

What was the most important military objective of the Union army during the US Civil War?

The single most important military objective of the Union armies was to defeat the Confederate armies on the battle fields. They were able to do this many times, however, they were rarely in the position of destroying a Confederate army. This did happen a few times but not enough. The idea about diplomatic recognition was a problem for the State Department. The effectiveness of Union's naval blockade of Southern ports remains a hotly debated topic among military historians.

What are the Union's aims in the Civil War?

To preserve the union,to restore all of the states to one government, was the official objective.

How the trade union achieve their objectives through the process of collective bargaining?

discuss how trade union achieve their objective

What was Lincoln goal in the war?

The initial war objective was to preserve the union.