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hi goverment

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Q: The document that created a strong national government and still exists today is called the?
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What was the meeting where delegates from most of the US met to work on a document that created a stronger government called?

it was to write the declaration of independence

Why did American leaders thinks constitutional convention was necessary?

Delegates agreed to gather at what is called the at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in May 1787. They were to revise the Articles. They decided instead to write a document that created an entirely new and stronger national government.

What governed American colonies after their independence was declared?

Immediately after the United States of America won its independence its national government was founded on a document called the Articles of Confederation.poop

What is the written document that states what the government can and can't do?

In democratic countries, the document is called "Constitution".

What was the name of the document that set up your first government?

That document was called the Articles of Confederation.

What is the final document created after a mail merge called?

A merged document.

What was the document called to create a stronger government?

The Constitution?

What is the document called that outlines the manner in which the United states federal government is to operate?

What is the document called that outlines the manner in which the United States federal government is to operate

What kind of government is the U.S.?

It is called the National Government

What was The document that described the first government of the US was called?

The MayFlower Compact was the first governed document.

A government in which powers are divided between a national government and state government with the national government being supreme is called?

Federal Government

The document that establishes the basic principles of the American government is called the?