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Most frequently the term of a document that defines the role of government and how the government organized is called a constitution.

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Q: Which term refers to a written document that guides a nation?
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What term refers to a written document that guides a nation?


What terms refers to a written document that guides a Nation?


What term refers to a written document that guides a nations?


What is written response instruments?

A written response instrument is anything expressed in written form. Most often, it refers to an official document or a written agreement or contract.

How do you spell constiotion?

The correct spelling is constitution (construction, physical health, government document).The capitalized Constitution refers to the US document written in 1787.

Is a document a noun or a verb?

A document is a noun. It refers to a written, printed, or electronic record that provides information or evidence.

What refers to the detailed information about a Word document file?

Document properties.

Who is the Creator that this document refers to?


What is a adenment?

Adenment or amendment refers to changes made in a written document. Amendment can also refer to an article that is added to the constitution of the United States.

In what document did England recognize the US as a free and independent nation?

I assume by "the colonies" the question refers to the Thirteen Colonies which became the United States. The document that recognized the independence of the United States was the Treaty of Paris of 1783.

What refers to the shape of the characters in a document?


Capitalize court order when referring to a document?

When capitalizing a court document , key terms such, the parties, the type of document you are working on is what this refers to .