What is military power?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The military power refers to the armed forces of a given nation. It also refers to the maximum power setting of a military jet aircraft.

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Q: What is military power?
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Who has the power to conduct military affairs?

The Congress have the power to conduct military affairs.

Why is economic power more important than military power?

economic power is more important because without an economic power we would have a military power.

How has military power in Costa Rica been used?

there is no military

What does congress have the power to do?

it does not have the power to direct military campaign

Why there is crisis of power in Pakistan?

because the military is not properly under the control of a constitution and he who has control of the military can influence the balance of power.

What is the power that rules a country?

Military and econemy power

How did the military gain power in city-states?

The army of the city-state comprised the citizens turning out with arms. Of course they had power because they were the military, and naturally had power.

What is military rule?

Military rule is a type of dictatorship in which power is held by one or military

Which country had great military power in the early 1700's?

The country that had great military power in the 1700's was Great Britain.

How broad is military power of the President?

He has complete control of the military as he is the commander-in-chief

What are three important powers of congress?

fiscal power, trade power, and military power

Congress does NOT have the power to direct military campaigns?

Correct. Congress does NOT have that power.