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Implied Power

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Q: The right of the national government to impose a military draft is what power?
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The right of the national government to impose a military draft is this specific power?

Article I section eight of the Constitution grants power to congress to raise and support armies. This includes the power to impose a draft to compel military service under the Selective Draft Law.

Use military draft in a sentence?

The people of the government tried to military draft me to fight for their country.

Enforced military service ordered by the government?

Enforced military service ordered by the government is called conscription or (colloquially) "the draft."

Did the union or confederacy impose greater military and economic burdens on its citizens?

The Confederacy did b/c they called for a draft for the army and placed high taxes and tariffs on stuff to raise money for the new government and to help fight the war.

What would it mean to make women eligible for the draft when the military does not currently have a draft?

The US military all ready has in place plans for a draft of women if/ when a draft is reintroduced. Women ARE eligible now in the eyes of the government, so they will be drafted.

What did the Selective Service Act authorize the government to do?

Draft men to serve in the military

Forced service in the military by the government is called?

Draft, conscription, or compulsory service.

What does draft mean in government?

In military terms, a draft is when the government makes people fight in a war. If not enough people have enlisted, the government starts drafting people. Draft can also mean a wind coming through a wall or a type of beer.

Does the government draft gay men into the military?

Yes. Sexual orientation does not disqualify you for military service in the United States, nor in many other countries.

Why did the revolutionary government need a military draft in 1793 during the French revolution?


Opponents of the equal rights amendment argued that eliminating gender differences in the law would case women to?

Be eligible for the military draft

Why did southerners dislike the idea of a draft?

a draft is a federal thing. it takes states rights, the south were against a federal government. that's why they had state militias that fought, not a national army. the draft would make a national army.