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It is not! It a document that was created over 200 years a go by the founding fathers, that was the guide to the laws in this land

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it means that it has been around for a long time. and it has been around more than any other document.

there you go!!

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The term "living" refers to the fact that the Constitution is not only still in effect but it can be edited and added to, making it a "live" document.

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Long answer short: yes.

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Q: What does the us constitution considered to be a living document mean?
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What does living document mean?

Living document means that it is a famous document that we still use today (ex. The Declaration of Independence).

What was meant by saying the constitution became a living document that grew and changed along with the Nation?

The Constitution of the United States is a document written on paper and drafted by some of the greatest men of the age. It's not only "ink on paper", it's everything that the words say and mean. When people disagree with the actual text and the original meaning of the words, they can change it in two different ways. They might draft an amendment to the Constitution, which is hard and takes a while. Or, they can try to claim that the words don't actually mean what they SAY, but mean something entirely different - something, perhaps, that the Founders would never have agreed with and that 3/4 of the states wouldn't agree with either. The meaning, then, can be anything - or nothing. In one real sense, the Constitution can be considered to be a "living" document. Just as your body can be distorted and crippled by cancers, the "living Constitution" idea is a cancer on society itself. The bottom line is that the Constitution either means what it says, the ink on the paper, or it means nothing at all.

What does it mean to ratify a document?

To ratify a document, it is to accept it. By: a 5th grader

Is the constitution a rebublican document?

Yes, if you mean republican with the little "R". The USA is a republic, not a democracy.

Is british constitution a true constitution?

Depends on what you mean by a "true constitution". The British don't have a codified, written document that they identify as their constitution. It consists of a number of different laws and precedents relied upon by Parliament.

What does it mean when something is unconstituitonal?

our society & system of law is based on a document wriiten by the founders of our nation, the U.S. constitution...this document outlines certain rights granted to us by the law..if something is unconstitutional, it means it goes against the constitution & violates our civil rights..

What is considered a document on a computer?

Narrowly, "document" refers to a file containing text; more broadly, it can mean a spreadsheet or other file with material that can be read.

Who was considered the father of the constituon?

If you mean the Father of the Constitution, James Madison

Why is Indian Constitution also called a living document?

Because a certain section of political beliefs want you to believe that the Founders meant it to be fluid to alter with the changing tide of opinion of the populace. And nothing could be further from the truth. This is why it is made difficult to Amend the Constitution so it isn't so easily influenced by a second of passion of the people. Might I remind you of a quote from Madison, the original author of the Constitution; "If it, (the Constitution), is to mean whatever we want it to mean, then we should hasten the parchment to the fire." That doesn't sound like an example of "living" to me. It sounds like it means what it says and if you want to change it, go through the process.

What does constitution mean and why is it important to society?

A constitution is a written document that expresses all the laws of a nation or country. it is important to society because we can use it to find out what is ans isn't legal in your area.

What is a living docment?

There is no such thing a living document is by def. the law as written and not one you can interpret any way you please. The Constution is not a living document. It was not written to mean whatever a Liberal wants it to. It is a conclusion on to itself. For Democrats to understand put it like this: What you see is what you get. Nothing else.

Why did the founding fathers choose to adopt a constitution?

What do you mean by "This way?" Are you referring to the process that was used or to how they structured the document? And If you mean the process, do you mean why did the constitutional convention work according to the rules it did or do you mean whay was the convention held? If you mean why was the constitution structured the way it was, what specifically do you want to know? Michael Montagne