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the dome over pantheon is made up of concrete

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Q: The dome over the pantheon is made of?
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What was the roofing of the pantheon made of?

The Pantheon has a dome that is made of concrete. The dome of the Pantheon is and always has been the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

What was the pantheon built with?

The Pantheon was made of stone, concrete, and over five different concrete mixtures. The dome had a heavier concrete mixture on the bottom, getting lighter as it got higher.

What is the biggest dome ever built?


Does the Parthenon have a dome?

No. The Parthenon in Athens does not have a dome, but it may be confused with the Pantheon in Rome which does have a dome.

Which roman building employed a dome?

There were actually two Roman buildings that used a dome. One was Nero's Golden House and the other was/is the Pantheon.

What was the first structure to successfully use the dome?


What architectural development were employed in the roman pantheon?

The architectural developments used in the pantheon were the use of the dome, (a perfect sphere) lighter concrete mixtures in the dome, and the use of coffers, or sunken panels in the dome to reduce the weight.

How did the pantheon influence life for the western civilization?

The Pantheon still has the largest reinforced concrete dome in the world. Some of the Roman temples were circular and had a dome, like the Pantheon. Knowledge of how to make Roman concrete was lost during he Middle Ages and domes were no longer built in western Europe for centuries. Then between 1446 and 1461 Brunelleschi built a dome for Florence Cathedral which was even bigger than that of the Pantheon. This was a big achievement because his dome is made with bricks. Brunelleschi had studied the dome of the Pantheon and other Roman architecture prior to his undertaking. Since then several churches and secular buildings (including the Capitol on Washington) have been built with domes. This was inspired by Roman architecture.

How big is the hole in the ceiling of the pantheon?

it holds the tension of the dome

What did the Pantheon influenced architecture by?

Its use of the cupola (dome) as a roof.

What was the ancient Roman building that inspired Bruneschelli?

You might be thinking of the Pantheon, however the Pantheon was more hemispherical and would not have worked on the scale of Brunelleschi's dome so he had to use newer Gothic methods.

Why was the ceiling of the Pantheon dimpled like a golf ball?

The ceiling of the Pantheon was dimpled "like a golf ball" to relieve stress from the dome.