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The Romans. The Pantheon is an example of this.

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Q: What is that circle on the top of the pantheon called?
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What is the name of the domed temple in Rome?

It is called The Pantheon

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Was the entire collection of Roman gods called the pantheon?

Yes but specifically the Roman pantheon. Pantheon is used as a generic term to describe a group of gods.

What is a temple built to honor gods?

A temple dedicated to all the gods is called a pantheon. The Pantheon in Rome is the finest example of the construction of this type of temple.

What is the Roman temple where you visit gods called?


What is the circular opening in the roof of the Pantheon called?


How was the pantheon during the three punic wars?

If you are referring to the temple in Rome called Pantheon, it was built some 200 years after the last of the Punic Wars.

How big was the door on the pantheon?

it is called the Parthenon, and the doors were pretty big.

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