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The President of the U.S. having the ability to exercise inherent powers in the realm of foreign affairs, was stated by the Supreme Court, in the case U.S. vs Curtiss-Wright Export Corp. The case was decided in 1936.

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Q: The fact that the president may exercise inherent powers in foreign affairs was stated by?
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Why should the president not exercise any power in either domestic or foreign affairs that is not expressly granted by the Constitution or by congressional statues?

10th Amendment

What position helps the president with dealing with foreign countries?

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

What member of the President's cabinet is responsible for foreign affairs?

The Secretary of State is typically responsible for foreign affairs in the President's cabinet. This individual heads the Department of State and is the chief diplomat of the United States, representing the country in international relations and negotiations.

The president's chief officer in foreign affairs is?

secretary of state.

Should congress or the president have power in conducting foreign affairs?

I think that both Congress and the president should have power in conducting foreign affairs. Some powers are not listed in the Constitution but both the president and Congress should have some exclusive foreign policy powers.

Which branches of government share foreign relations powers?

Congress and the President share foreign affairs

Which Department aids the President with foreign affairs?

The Department of State aids the President with foreign affairs, managing diplomatic relations, negotiating treaties, and representing the U.S. abroad.

Who foreign affairs?

In the United States, the Secretary of State is in charge of foreign affairs. The President, however, makes all of the final decisions on important matters.

Who should control foreign affairs in the US?

The executive branch, headed by the President, is primarily responsible for controlling foreign affairs in the US. This includes negotiating treaties, conducting diplomacy, and making decisions about international relations. The President works with the Department of State and other agencies to formulate and implement foreign policy.

How does the president built relationships with other nations?

He has an ambassador of foreign affairs.

What was washingtons major contribution as president?

keeping the nation out of foreign wars.

What is the President's right arm in foreign affairs and how important has it been historically?

The President's right arm in foreign affairs is the same as in home affairs. Dude, what do you think? Historically, evidence suggest that the right arm has always played a strong role in completing a president. When a president hasn't a right arm that normally means that he's disabled.