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Q: The first action taken on proposed legislation occurs in what are known as?
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Who started the first 100 days evaluation of presidents?

The first President to have an extraordinary first 100 days of his term was Franklin D. Roosevelt. With the combination of his party controlling Congress, momentum from his campaign, and a public outcry for action, Congress passed all the legislation he proposed in his first 100 days. Included in this legislation was his New Deal, which was intended to help the economy recover from the great depression. Due to his incredible success in passing legislation and reviving the economy, his first 100 days is used as a benchmark for comparing the effectiveness of new Presidents.

When a first aid incident occurs What is a first aider legally required to do?

It depends on the legislation of the country. In certain places he or she has no legal obligations at all.

What is law making process?

(Before I start I'm going to base this off the UK government.) First of all a law is proposed in the houses of parliament, then if it gets enough support by MPs it is then put through to the house of Lords, one they've debated it and voted then it is made.

Who first proposed the idea of contintental drift?

Alfred Wegener first proposed the theory of continental drift in 1912.

Why did Roosevelt move so quickly at the beginning of his first term to propose legislation to establish new agencies and programs?

The reason Roosevelt proposed new legislation and wanted to establish new agencies and programs at the beginning of his first term was because he believed the government had a moral obligation to help people survive. His first term began at about the same time as the Great Depression.

Who proposed kinetic theory of gases?

The basic theory was first discussed and proposed by Bernoulli.

When was the endosymbiotic theory proposed?

Lynn Margulis first proposed the theory of endosymbiosis.

What was The actual number of amendments that the leaders first proposed was?

The actual number of amendments that the leaders first proposed was,but two were not ratified at the time.

When was theory of relativity first proposed?


What year was the atom proposed?

The first atomic model was proposed by the Greek philosopher Democritus in 442 BC.

What came first Fahrenheit or celsius temperature scale?

The Celsius temperature scale came first, with Anders Celsius introducing it in 1742. The Fahrenheit temperature scale was developed by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1724.

Which of these events occurred first?

Darcy proposed to Elizabeth for the first time.