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The rights to life, liberty, & property (;

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Q: The founders believed that natural rights meant the right to?
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What was meant by the enlightenment of natural rights?

rights that all are born with

What was meant by enlightenment idea of natural rights?

rights that all are born with

What was meant by the enlighten idea of natural rights?

rights that all are born with

What was meant by the enlighnment of natural rights?

The teaching and learning of the rights that a human being are entitled to from creations.

What was meant by the enlightment idea of natural rights?

The enlightenment idea of natural rights was that all human beings were born with inalienable rights that no government could take away. One of the main rights was the freedom of speech and association.

Thomas Jefferson believed that everyone had natural or unalienable rights?

When he wrote the Declaration of Independence he was using the thinking of the Enlightenment thinkers. I think he did believe that people had rights and he wrote that they needed to fight for their rights every few years. When reading the words of people of his time we have to keep in mind that the language means different things today that it meant when it was written.

Why did the framers of the Constitution fear 'excessive democracy'?

they thought that the people would be unable to make wise decisions.Back then, democracy was not what it was today. Democracy meant the mob. The mob meant anarchy. And anarchy meant despotism, which they had just freed themselves from. They were mistrustful of democracy because they viewed it as a dangerous tool, a powder keg that could kill the nation.

What people believed that you could use the power of mind and reason to understand the natural world?

The ancient Greek philosophers believed that. 'Way back then, the word philosopher meant a person who thought about science and why things happened.

What is meant by the terms natural resource?

a) What is meant by the term "sustainable natural resources"?

Who believed good conduct meant pursuing the golden mean?

Aristotle believed good conduct meant pursuing the Golden mean.

What was meant to give people common rights?

Petition of rights.

What was john calhoun view on state rights?

Calhoun believed in states rights above all. He espoused the doctrine of nullification which meant that states could nullify or reject Federal Laws they did not want to obey. He also thought states had the right to leave the federal union if they wished.