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Q: The four sections of what explained why the colonies should cut their ties to Britain?
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Who were the Colonist who argued that the colonies should not separate from Britain?


What abuse did the king of Britain do to the 13 colonies that made them sign the declaration of independence?

"Abuse" is probably not the right word. And it was not the King in person by then who ruled Britain and its colonies, it was the British government and Parliament. What happened was that a couple of taxes were imposed that were highly unpopular amongst the colonists, who then unsuccessfully demanded that taxes should and could only be imposed on them if they were adequately represented in the British Parliament. One of the unpopular measures was that Britain had left a sizable army in the colonies after the French-Indian war and levied a tax on the colonies to pay for its upkeep. Britain held that the army was there for the colonies' protection in case the hostilities were renewed, so it was only right that they should pay for it. The colonies saw the army as an occupation force and considered having to pay for it as adding insult to injury.

What did Richard Henry lee propose?

They should be free and all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain is totally dissolved

How did it contribute to the US government when George III assumed the throne?

The attitude of King George III was that the Thirteen colonies were not contributing what they should have toward either the French and Indian War or the amount of revenue that was generated. He came to view the Thirteen colonies as competitors instead of subjects of the mother country. As a result, George's attitude as well as Parliament's resulted in the relationship between Britain and the colonies disintegrate.

How did taxation lead to trouble between Britain and the colonies?

They claimed, "No taxation without representation." They refused to be taxed because they were unable to elect members of Parliament that were making these tax laws. Hence, they thought it unfair to have to pay them while having no say in the tax-making process or having their views heard in government.

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Who explained to the world why the American colonies should separate from Great Britain?

american colonists

Colonist who argued that the colonies should not separate from Britain is called what?

thew colonies that argued that the colonies should not separates are called patriots

What colonist felt that the colonies should not break from Britain?


Why did Britain raise taxes in America colonies?

Britain Raised taxes on the America colonies because the the French & Indian war left them deeply in debt. The war had profited the colonies so Britain felt they should share in the cost.

Who were the Colonist who argued that the colonies should not separate from Britain?


What reasons does Jefferson give to support his premise that the US should break away from Great Britain?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson did explain why the colonies should break away from Great Britain. He created the document, Declaration of Independance, that stated that the American colonies had the right to break away from Great Britain.

Who is Someone who is loyal to the king and believed Britain should rule the colonies?

A royalist or a Tory

Why was Britain taxing the colonies?

Why did the Britain raise taxes in the colonies?

They needed to pay for the French and Indian war and the thinking was they were protecting the colonies so they should help pay for it.

Why did great Britain raise taxes in its Americas colonies?

1. they raised taxes to pay for the French-Indian war.

What lead the American revolution?

What lead to the American Revolution was that Britain did not take care of the colonies as the should have.

What was not a common argument to support American colonist Declaration of Independence?

Britain had plenty of other colonies all over the world, and this fact was not used as evidence for why the colonies should be free. The Declaration of Independence focused only on the American colonies.