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The Common Sense pamphlet urged the 13 colonies to fight for their independence from Great Britain. It had a wide distribution in meeting places.

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Break their ties with britain.

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Q: In the pamphlet Common Sense the author argues that the colonies should what?
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Who was the author of the pamphlet common sense and what was its purpose?

The author of the pamphlet common sense was Thomas Paine. The purpose was to tell the American colonist to rebel against the British monarchy and proclaim their independence.

The author of the best-selling pamphlet Common Sense was?

Thomas Paine

Who was the author of the Common Sense Thomas?

It was actually a pamphlet and it was written by Thomas Paine.

Who was the author of the pamphlet encouraging Americans to declare independence from Britain?

Thomas Paine. The name of the pamphlet was "Common Sense."

What is the author of pamphlet entitled Common Sense?

In January 1776, a pamphlet, named "Common Sense" appeared on the streets of Philadelphia.It's author, Thomas Paine, also wrote "The Crisis."It had many impacts like many people were starting to rebel the government.Paine

Who was the author of the pamphlet common sensewhich promoted independece?

That would be Thomas Paine, my good friend.

How does Thomas Paine relate to the Revolutionary War?

Thomas Paine is the author of the highly influential pamphlet "Common Sense" which presented the idea of independence to the colonies. His efforts were so influential, that he is sometimes considered to be a forgotten "Founding Father."

How do you write a bibliography entry for a pamphlet?

To write a bibliography entry for a pamphlet, include the author's name, the title of the pamphlet in italics, the publication date, the publisher, and the format (e.g., pamphlet). For example: Author Last Name, First Name. Title of Pamphlet. Publication Year. Publisher. Pamphlet.

Father of American Revolution?

The Father of the American Revolution is said to be Thomas Paine. He is the author of the pamphlet Common Sense.

What was the name and author of the influential pamphlet that gained colonial support for independence?

The name of the influential pamphlet was "Common Sense" and the author was Thomas Paine. It was published in 1776 and played a significant role in gaining colonial support for independence from Great Britain.

Was Tomas Pain a loyalist or a patrot?

A patriot! He was a english american author. Born in Thetford, in the english country of Norfolk. Paine emigrated to the British American colonies in 1774 in time to participate in the American Revolution. He wrote the pamphlet: Common Sense in 1776.

Who wrote common sense and what is common sense?

Thomas Paine is the author of the pamphlet called "Common Sense".The pamphlet "Common Sense" argued that citizens should be able to make decisions about their own governments.Does that help? hope it does.Thomas Paine writes a pamphlet called "Common Sense" Published Jan. 1776.Changed populations view of the King and England. It was 'common sense' that we start our own country.