Who was Thomas Payne?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you are referring to Thomas Paine, the British radical, author of Common Sense, and a founding father of the United States of America, please refer to the related question.

Otherwise, if you actually mean "Thomas Payne", there are several possibilities. Please see Related Links.

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Q: Who was Thomas Payne?
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Which side of the revolution did thomas payne support?

Thomas Payne supported the patriots.

Thomas Paine was the author?

Thomas Payne is the author of "Common Sense"

What has the author Marjorie Thomas Payne written?

Marjorie Thomas Payne has written: 'Your buried treasures' -- subject- s -: Business records, Management, Records

What has the author Thomas Payne written?

Thomas Payne has written: 'Apostolic Christianity, and how it turned the world upside down' -- subject(s): Church history

What is another word for to discriminate?

Thomas Payne

Who is the author of common sens?

thomas payne

What book did Thomas Payne write before the revolutionary war?

From Biography site: Thomas Payne is most know for his pamphlet, Common Sense, which inspired the Declaration of Independence.

Who invented Nestle chocolate?

Henri Nestlé (birth name Heinrich Nestle).

When was The Crisis written?

Thomas Paine

Who was the author of the American crisis?

Thomas Payne (1776 - 1783)

Who wrote the American Crisis?

Thomas Payne.(1776 - 1783)

Who is Allen Payne's father?

father- Phillip Micheal Thomas